We specialize in mica and mica products. We have started our mica business since 2001, initially imported mica raw materials from India. Jinshiwei Trade incorporated in 2005; import and export of mica, mica products and mica based pearlescent pigment.


Jinshiwei is to be recognised and respected as a reliable and trusted provider of  mica raw materials  and mica-based products.


Mica belongs to phyllosilicate minerals. Phlogopite and Muscovite are the main two different types of mica which most commonly used in various industries.


 Sericite is natural fine grained mineral belongs to the mica group, which has unique skin feelings, it can improve smoothness and adhesion to the skin, so nearly all mineral cosmetics manufacturers adopt sericite in their valued formulas


 Pearlescent pigments are special effect pigment based on mica substrate coated with Titanium Dioxide and /or Iron Oxide to creat pearl effects, interference colors.


 Our mica is widely used in cosmetics, plastics, paints, rubber and ceramics.


 We thank you for your interests in our company and our products and welcome you to try to use our  mica  to improve your products competitive strength. We can offer our existing and potential customer unparalleled customer service.

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